My name is Max and I am developing complete solutions for your business. I respect your time / i respect my time – so no bullshit. Let my work tell you about my skills




Do you need a website? I will make you a website. 

I will find the solution based on your budget. I will offer the most optimal solution.


Each brand needs to increase its online presence. I will create any content on any social network or site.

All content will match the style of your brand.


I help brands make themselves known. Even if you don’t have anything, I will create a recognizable style for you. The whole world will know about your brand (but this is not a fact)

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I am a creative designer and I love to look at ordinary things outside the box.

I have been working in design for over 8 years and during this time I created my own individual style of how to work clients.

I’m a big fan of collaborating with agencies. This inspires me to come up with new original ideas and solution. I have worked with famous brands in Europe and Asia and if you feel that you are need a creative designer – I will be glad to work together with you. Use my phone or telegram to contact me.  Let’s make money, not bullshit.